Boot Camp

Boot Camp Classes
Joining our boot camp sessions can be a great option for high-intensity workouts that burn calories and tone muscles.

What are boot camp workouts?

Boot camp training sessions consist of various intense exercises like running, aerobics, strength training, pushups, pullups, lunges, crunches, sprints, drills, and bodyweight exercises, which provide an overall core body workout. A boot camp workout is a type of interval training — bursts of intense activity separated with lighter activity intervals. It includes indoor and outdoor exercises and is a type of military-style fitness. Whatever the weather and season are, you can always be ready for these intense and challenging workouts. Sessions involve a warm-up, cool-down, running, body weight exercises, relays, stretching, and exercises in pairs or groups.
Our sessions’ timing is early morning and early evening so that the nine to five workers can easily manage to join the classes during their working days.

Who is Boot Camp For?

Although boot camp sessions are intense, the individuals can work at their level and intensity. Best practice is to book your boot camp session ahead of time to ensure that you can join at a time that fits your schedule as classes become full pretty quickly. Be sure to expect to sweat in our high intensity classes! But pushing yourself to attend will increase your stamina, flexibility and core strength. 

Make sure you know what to expect before signing up for our boot camp classes. You should be mentally and physically prepared and ready for the challenge. Our well-structured and designed boot camp workout can help meet physical activity recommendations for healthy adults. 
Dress accordingly and make sure to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and can move well in. Take a bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated, especially because we will be sweating! 

Benefits of boot camp training

At Forza Amelia Fitness, the goal of our fitness boot camp classes is to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and stamina. Boot camp workouts are attractive to many people because of their incredible health benefits.
A good boot camp workout will strengthen your heart and lungs as it involves strength exercises and cardiovascular training.

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