Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes

In recent years, group fitness classes have become more and more popular and are a great way for you to socialize while getting in the exercise that you want. While many gyms offer different Group Fitness Classes, Forza Amelia Fitness has specialized group fitness trainers who offer exactly the type of energized cardio you’re looking for.  With classes ideal for all fitness levels and interests, both beginners and experienced participants can enjoy group fitness. In addition to cardio, you can also share experiences with others, meet new people and stay motivated.

Group fitness classes are ideal for those who are attempting to focus on their health, those who need benefit from the increased motivation of working out with others or those members who are just beginning.  Men and women of all ages can participate in group lessons.

Some of the benefits of Group Fitness classes include

It’s motivating to workout together in a group with like-minded, dedicated individuals and accountability partners. The support of others is something that you can never get from exercising alone.

Group fitness is a great way to start exercising without thinking or planning. Each course consists of a warm-up, cardio and cool-down.

Proper Form
The job of a fitness coach is not only to show the correct form but also to ensure that everyone in the class can perform each exercise the right way. It will also eliminate potential injuries.

Don’t Hold Back
The hardest part about starting any kind of workout routine, is starting. Group Fitness Classes are a great way for you to sign up and start being active. Everyone in the fitness class is a student just like you and you’ll always feel comfortable at Forza Amelia Fitness.

Don’t go Alone

Bring your friends to class too, we’ve got room for them. With someone with you, like a partner you don’t have to feel like you’re beginning this fitness journey on your own. 

Focus on your goals.

Group fitness is a great way for you to reach your individual fitness goals and not feel like you’re forced to do it all by yourself, or motivate yourself. Focus on your fitness goals, then let go of everything else.

Know the people in the class. The more people you know in a class, the more interesting the class will be and the more fun you will have

Please consult the instructor before class. They can give you some tips to reassure you and avoid discomfort. Our fitness instructors are qualified professionals who are determined to help you anyway they can. 

Finally, group fitness classes are a fun and entertaining way to exercise or workout. With many different courses and offerings Forza Amelia Fitness definitely has a class that will meet your needs and pique your interest. Call or visit us today to schedule your next group fitness class!