Personal Training

Personal Training at Forza Amelia Fitness

Making the decision to work with a personal trainer can be difficult at first, however, the benefits of one on on training to help you meet your fitness goals cannot be overlooked. Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you accountable and teach you the proper exercises until you can motivate yourself and workout on your own.  If you’re a beginner, then there’s no better way to learn than working with a fitness professional. 

Personal trainers may seem daunting and expensive, but they are not. Having a trainer suitable for all personalities, fitness types and budgets, the benefits are insurmountable. No matter why you may be considering hiring a  personal trainer, here are some of the benefits that come from working with a professional.

Professional fitness instructors are trained and schooled to work with different personality types, determining the ideal way to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. In addition to supplying you with a schedule, targeting specific muscle groups and exercises, our personal trainers will also work with you on your diet whether you’d like to lose weight, build lean muscle or tone your body.

Personalized Plan
Each of our personal trainers will develop a highly personalized plan for you, around your schedule.  We’ll go over your goals at our first introductory meeting and put together a plan and time frame that will make sure you get there. Together we can make a plan that suits you. The personal trainer can then set realistic goals based on your abilities and make necessary adjustments. 

Our fitness coaches are skilled in many different forms and exercises that will allow one muscle group to rest while we work on another. This includes machines, free weights, weightlifting exercises and aerobic exercises. No two days will be the same.

By working with your trainer, you are free to create your exercise plan. Whether you enjoy early morning, lunchtime, or late-night workout before work, our personal trainers will be there for you. Forza Amelia Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we will definitely find a time that works for you.  

Avoid injuries
If you have had a prior injury where you’ve lost strength, let our trainers know, so that they can focus on rebuilding strength in that area, or so they can pay special attention to your past injury and avoid any additional strain.

Establish lifelong exercise habits
Personal trainers can help clients achieve their fitness goals, but they can also help them reassess their views on health and well-being. Personal trainers can help clients understand that fitness should be the top priority of life, not a check item on the to-do list. Personal trainers can not only develop exercise routines for your fitness level but also set some small goals to help you succeed.

As you can see, there are many reasons to make personal training a right choice for everyone. At Forza Amelia Fitness we offer personal training for every skill level and budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trainers!